Carthage Farmers Market


Farmers Market Regulations -2022

The Carthage Area Chamber of Commerce Farmers Market was established for the express
purpose of enabling local farmers and gardeners to augment their sales of surplus vegetables, fruits, baked goods, and homemade handicraft items.


To be eligible, applicants must be a resident of Jefferson, Lewis, or St. Lawrence Counties.
The production area must be New York State or bordering states for produce in season.  In the case of crafts, the items must be handmade by the actual vendor in the tri-county area.  Exceptions to this rule must receive special permission from the Chamber of Commerce and/or the Farmer’s
Market Committee.

  1. Applicants must apply to the Carthage Area Chamber of Commerce for permission to set up in the marketplace prior to setting up and must fill out the registration form for submission to the Chamber.
  2. The applicants must be prepared to offer for sale farm products, plants, flowers, or such articles
    of a handmade variety normally classified as arts and crafts.
  3. The production area must be New York State or bordering states for produce in season. If the vendor participates in the FMNP they are required to be a bona fide farmer, and a bona fide farmer must adhere to the 50% Grow Rule, which is: 50% of the produce sold by you must be grown by you on land that you own or lease.  “You must have produced at a minimum, 50%, by volume; of the fruits and vegetables you offer for sale at the farmer’s market on EVERY MARKET DAY that you attend a market during the program period of June 1 – November 30.” (USDA Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program Webinar paperwork – 2022 and FMC-4) FAILURE BY FMNP PARTICIPANTS TO ADHERE TO THESE RULES WILL LEAVE THE FARMER’S MARKET COMMITTEE NO CHOICE BUT TO REPORT THAT VENDOR TO USDA and expel that vendor from the Carthage Farmer’s Market without a refund.  The committee reserves the right to
    perform farm inspections if necessary, to verify bona fide farmer status. All produce vendors are required to follow the above requirement whether participating in the FMNP or not.

  4. No wholesale vendors are allowed. All produce must be labeled with the production area, and if purchased, from where it was purchased.  A crop plan must be submitted to the Farmer’s Market Committee for each farmer annually whether or not participating in the FMNP. No vendor will be allowed to set up until a current crop plan is on file with the market manager.


  1. Applicants must agree to abide by all rules of the market including any regulations promulgated by state or local authorities concerning sanitation, health, or other reasons.
  2. The Market will operate as follows: Fridays, from the last week of May through the second week of October. The hours of operation will be from 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm. Vendors are required to be ready to receive customers between these hours unless prior arrangements have been made.
  3. There will be no rain dates.
  4. The site of the market is Farmer’s Market Pavilion, Riverside Drive, Carthage, NY.
  5. The market will receive vendors beginning at 12:00 pm on a first-come, first-serve basis. Vendors outside the pavilion must not exceed 12 feet of frontage. Any vendor not present at 12:30 pm without notification or prior arrangements will lose their reserved space and will be required to use an alternative space for that day. To let the Market know that you will not be coming, contact Rebecca Wallen at 315-493-3590. All vendors shall be READY TO SELL BY 1:00 pm.  No vehicles will be allowed into the pavilion area after 12:50 pm or leave prior to 6:00 pm
     without prior permission for safety reasons.

  6. Electricity will be available for use by the vendors at an additional cost of $10.00 per season.
    Non-potable water will be available at no additional cost.
  7. The size of the vehicle must not be larger than a ¾ ton pickup truck. Only one vehicle may be brought to the market and must be attended at all times.
  8. Due to the number of vendors and limited space, we cannot allow more than two spaces per vendor. If a rented space is not utilized and we are in need of that space, it will be offered to another vendor. All vendors are required to bring their own table and chairs for their display. This includes Non-Profit organizations utilizing the center of the pavilion.

  9. A sign must be displayed that identifies each participant. Signs will state the name of the participant or farm from which they come. Signs must be displayed prominently where market customers may see them. Signs will be furnished by the Chamber office.
  10. Items sold that are subject to sales tax must be collected and reported by participants. Tax ID numbers must be provided to the Chamber office upon registering. No vendor will be allowed to set up at the market until this information is provided to the Market Manager.

  11. Participants are expected to keep their area clean during the day, and when leaving the area, see to it that their area is clear of trash. What is brought with each vendor should be taken home with them as well. No produce or product or personal items will be stored or left at the Farmers Market Pavilion or the surrounding area, including in the storage building.
  12. No amplifiers or other sound devices are to be used, except with special permission from the Chamber of Commerce, and only for special and specific events. No radios will be allowed within the Pavilion without prior approval from the Market Manager. Outside vendors will be permitted radios for personal use only at a level that is acceptable to neighboring vendors.
  13. Children must be supervised at all times.
  14. No pets will be allowed at the market except as provided in the Local Law. The Local Ordinance Laws must be adhered to at all times.
  15. Baked goods must be wrapped, labeled, and handled according to regulations set forth by the Department of Health. Any permits necessary for other goods sold will be required at the time of application.
  16. Participants will comply with all regulations under the Dept. of Agriculture and Markets, Division of the Farm Products Services. All WIC participants must comply with the rules and regulations governed by the WIC program.
  17. Nonprofit organizations are invited to set up at the market free of charge and will only be allowed in the assigned area of the pavilion as space allows. All Nonprofits must be approved by the Market Manager prior to setting up. Nonprofits will refrain from approaching customers while they are at a paid vendors stand. Violators will be asked to leave the market.
  18. All vendors shall show respect to their fellow vendors. No disrespect or foul language will be tolerated.  Any disruption or negativity towards the Market or the Chamber will be grounds for expulsion.  No refunds will be given.

  19. All complaints must be in writing to the Farmer’s Market Committee at the following address: Carthage Area Chamber of Commerce, Farmer’s Market Committee, 120 S. Mechanic Street, Carthage, NY  13619. Complainant’s name and phone number must be provided on the written complaint.

    *Regulations are subject to change at any time. Changes to regulations will be made available by the Market Manager.

2022 Carthage Market Forms:

Regulations for 2022
Vendor Application

Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
FMNP Regulations (fmc-4)
FMNP Agreement (fmc-6)
FMNP Crop Plan (fmc-12)
Coupon Redemption Form

Learn more about the Farmer's Market Nutrition Program and how you can participate HERE.

The following are appointed to supervise the area of the Farmer’s Market during the operating hours.

Rebecca Wallen –Market Manager/Market Secretary
Tina Lanier–Committee Member
Kristy O’Shaughnessy–Committee Member